A Christmas Star

You fell asleep on me tonight –
curled your tired little body into my arms,
and with head heavy on my shoulder,
nodded off to Slumber-land.
A string of tiny snores
the outcome of the 12 hours before.

Only 8 weeks old last Christmas Day,
this was the first Noel you were aware
that something special was hung in the air
just for today;
festivities strung around like fairy lights.
Presents bringing beaming smiles,
new toys to play with – vehicles to vroom across the floor,
fire engine to widen eyes and new garage to explore.
And how you did delight in tearing wrapping paper
into pieces.

Presents spread across the morning,
confetti wrapping flung in celebration,
then car packed like Santa’s sleigh.

The rest of the day split between both families –
more presents and smiles to take home again.
Such joy you bring.
Blowing kisses, cuddles scattered,
huge grins for all around you.
Ceilidh dancing with the Snowman,
new books to read, balls to throw,
then tucking into Christmas lunch,
cracker hat pulled promptly off.
More gifts, a game of musical laps,
Insey Winsey on demand,
chasing auntie Katie.
Beginning to look shattered.

And home we drive,
you fast asleep,
quick change to pjs without a peep –
hug you close as you rub your eyes,
and into dreams you sink.

My little Christmas star.


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  1. His rosy cheeks! 🙂 Mines are rosy too, but mines: due to alcohol. Cheers.

    1. So rosy just now because of teething (but kind of suits the outfit!). Wishing you a very merry Christmas! Xx

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