An Adventure at Landmark

I last visited Landmark Forest Adventure Park many years ago and it was lovely to return recently with my own children in tow.  It has changed a lot since I was a child and I can see why it has recently won a TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Award.  There is something for all ages and such a wide range of activities.  We were there for a whole day and still didn’t fit it all in – the Lost Labyrinth is on our list for our next visit.  My 4 year old son was absolutely in his element and it was wonderful to watch him grow in confidence throughout the day.  When we first arrived he deemed the Runaway Timber Train too scary but by the end of the day he was grinning throughout his two rides on it.  It was a fun-packed day, with the children and grandparents enjoying themselves equally.

Wild Water Coaster

Isaac’s favourite thing in the park was the water coaster and the photo below is my favourite from our trip.  The expression on his face sums up the joy that he experienced and he was so proud of himself for going on both the twisting Otter and the bumpy Wildcat.  (He was braver than me,as I refused to go on).

Tarzan Trail

At 110cm Isaac was just tall enough to go on the Tarzan Trail.  Although he thought the water rides and rollercoaster were scary, I was so impressed that he went on this trail as he had a few wobbly moments but continued on despite his fear.

Forest Safari and Teeny Farm Ride

The Forest Safari was a big hit with Isaac and he was all smiles as he zoomed around the track.  Flora looked adorable on her little Farm Ride (which she went on more than once).  Such a great idea to have a miniature ride for littler ones.

Wee Monkey Trail

For a little girl who wants to copy everything her big brother does, it was perfect that there was a trail for Flora to do.  When we looked back at photos that evening, Flora pointed to those of Isaac harnessed on the Tarzan Trail and said, “Well done, Isaac”.  When it came to photos of her tackling the Wee Monkey Trail she turned to him, pleased as punch, and told him: “Flora harness”.  As if to say, whatever you can do, I can do too.

The Red Squirrel Trail and Tree Top Trail

I loved that, amongst the rides and the busyness of the play areas, there is a peaceful nature trail in the ancient pinewood.  Flora enjoyed running about and Isaac loved listening to his grandparents reading the information on the boards – he tried to make a guess for the next board coming up and it kept his interest the whole way round.

Butterfly House

One of my favourite places in the park was the Butterfly House – I loved watching the butterflies flitting around the hothouse and the gorgeous, newly-hatched Asian Quail darting around the ground.  As with the nature trail, it is easy to find corners of peacefulness amongst the fast-paced activities in the park.

Although I don’t have photos to include here, Ant City was another big hit with Isaac and we all enjoyed Wonder Wood, Bamboozeleum and the Fire Tower (ok, I never actually climbed the tower but Isaac told me the view was great!).

Watching the littles at Landmark – harnessed onto their different trails and chasing each other along the Red Squirrel Trail – really hit home to me that we are in a new stage.  My littlest can manage without a nap, we didn’t need a buggy or a sling, and they spent all day charging from one thing to the next.  It was our first family day out in this new stage, marking the start of many adventures – and many more Landmark experiences – to come.

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  1. I loved Landmark as a child, I can’t wait to take Angus and Brodie! Looks like you all had a great time, lovely photos as always! X

    1. Thank you, Sam! It was so much fun, your boys will love it! x

  2. I visited Landmark fairly recently for work and had the opportunity to look around the butterfly house and walk the tree top trail – very cool.

    I love the fact that your little ones are real adventurers, takes some guts to get up there on the ropes!
    Fab photos too.

    1. Thank you, Mel! Isaac kept changing his mind, saying ‘hold onto me, daddy’ one minute and ‘I can do it myself!’ the next! He was so proud of himself for going up there, it was quite high for him. It is a great place for a family adventure!

  3. Looks like it has changed a whole lot since I was last there too. Definitely something for us to do whenever we’re next home. Loving your blogs and pictures so I can keep up with everything you’re doing. Miss you guys lots.xx

    1. Thank you so much, Fiona! Maybe one day we can all go together. ? Hope you’re having a lovely summer, miss you too xx

  4. An exciting and adventurous place to go with your kids. Had a great fun. Than you so much, you make me recall all the memories.

    1. Thank you for the comment, I’m glad it brought back happy memories!

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