Cardboard Box and Toilet Roll Craft Ideas

I love making things with the kids; I have always enjoyed crafts and in the last couple of years have discovered a love of Pinterest.  It is the source of all our craft ideas!  As well as giving them time to draw/paint/create freely, I like to show the littles the process of making things and the fun in recycling boxes and toilet roll holders into toys.  And they get so much joy from a cardboard box!

I realised recently that I have been sharing the crafty things we’ve been doing on my Instagram page but not here on the blog and so I thought I’d do a roundup of some of the things that the kids have loved the most (this egg box dino hat is still one of the best things we’ve made and still gets worn frequently with the little dino tissue box feet).

Cardboard Cars

One rainy Saturday morning last month when I was working, I showed my husband this article on making cardboard cars from and asked if he’d make them.  Ever so obliging, he made a car each for the kids but freestyled a bit with his own design, using this article and pins like this as inspiration.

I can’t tell you how much the kids love these cars and how often they have sat in them since.  Once he had made the cars they were desperate to go to their ‘drive-in’ (where they watched Pixar’s ‘Cars’, of course!) and then they got out the paints and decorated them.  It was a great rainy Saturday afternoon activity!  Isaac was slightly disappointed that painting his car like Lightning McQueen made it look a great deal like Postman Pat’s van…

Toilet Roll Planes

During Isaac’s obsession with the Pixar Planes films we made these toilet roll holder planes, inspired by this article by Wonderful DIY.  Isaac enjoyed painting the various pieces and seeing how it was all constructed, and these are also still well-played with (even though they’re slightly worse-for-wear over six months later).

Toilet Roll and Box Castle

You can see from how young Isaac looks in this photo that this wasn’t a recent craft project (September 2015!).  I always meant to feature it on the blog but back in the days when Flora wasn’t sleeping it was hard to keep the blog up to date.  It is also still in the kids’ playroom and has had a lot of play.  We used this article by Inna’s Creation as the inspiration for our castle.

Cardboard Houses

When I stumbled across this article by pink sugarland just after we moved house, I knew I wanted to turn some of our boxes into these adorable little houses.  I ordered blue and yellow duct tape and created two little houses that now live in our little corner under the stairs.  The kids absolutely adore these and we also discovered that they make great little boats!

Cardboard Doll’s House

This was the most fiddly thing I’ve made for them (Flora helped with gluing but I did most of it one evening when they were in bed).  It had structural problems and needed a lot of architectural work (!) and very nearly ended up in the bin.  I wasn’t following a step-by-step article, I just saw a few photos on Pinterest, such as this one by Mer Mag blog and this article by Let’s do something crafty, and kind of made it up.  I used a small box and a shoe box that was almost the same width as the box.  I cut up another shoe box and made that the divider between the top two floors and then cut out two windows (I really need a craft knife, I just used a kitchen knife).  I also cut out a door and then sealed it back up as it didn’t really work.  I then used wrapping paper to cover it all!  And we added some furniture from Isaac’s Sylvanian Families house.  I was going to also make an attic room/roof but gave up!  I may do some extension work at some point down the line…



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