Egg Box Dinosaur Hat

I really enjoy doing crafty activities and recently Isaac and I have spent more and more time at the kitchen table surrounded by toilet roll holders and paints.  I have been amazed at how much you can do with toilet roll holders and egg boxes!  Isaac’s current obsession with dinosaurs has led to my new-found love of Pinterest.  So far, in the land of Dino Crafts, we have made tissue box dino feet, toilet roll dinosaurs, dino cards and this egg box dino hat.

This hat is probably my favourite of all the craft activities we’ve done so far – it’s simple and easy to do, and so effective.  Isaac loves it and has played with it frequently (combined with the dino feet).  I came across the hat on the Crafty Morning Pinterest page and you can read the full post with step-by-step instructions here.

Egg Carton Dinosaur Hat Craft for Kids

In the original post they used a large egg box (for 12 eggs) but we didn’t have that to hand so we used three egg boxes.  I would never have thought of cutting either side of the centre cones, a clever way to create instant dino spikes!


Isaac painted the cones red and then we used sponges to decorate the spikes with yellow and blue.  Once it dried we then had to staple all the cones together.  The last step was to cut a strip of card and measure it to Isaac’s head before stapling the egg box spikes onto either end of the headband.


One very happy dino-loving toddler!  (Although you’d never tell from this photo!).


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