Happy mother’s day

It was a day like so many others –

spilling over with smiles.

Your beaming grin

lit up the morning

(the loveliest way for the day to begin).

A day of holding you close,

stealing kisses while you laugh

as you bounce upon my knee,

and watching as you

watch the world around you,

wondering what you see.

It was a day spent in the arms of your family,

where your smiles were flung at everyone like confetti.

We walked along the snow-speckled river,

blinking at the drooping afternoon sun,

and talked over cups of steaming tea

about how much you’ve grown.

The hours woven together

in no extraordinary way

but how very special it was to me –

my first mother’s day.


3 Replies to “Happy mother’s day”

  1. That made me cry reading it…..was so glad to be part of it! You do have the cutest little boy although he does have very good genes. Thank you for a lovely Mother’s Day, I am very lucky to have such thoughtful children, Mum xx

  2. Oh how lovely and special and precious – made me cry! Thank you.xx

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  3. Susan Cooksley says: Reply

    I shared a very special Mother’s Day (my 37th!) with Emma, Isaac, James and our families. This was my first as a grandmother and Emma’s first as a mother – such a lovely day. The sun shone, the snow fell, the river sparkled and Isaac laughed and giggled. How lucky I felt to share the day with such a wonderful new mother, my grandson and my sons. I hope we will both have many more happy and special Mothers’ Days in the future.

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