Isaac and Laughter

The first time you laughed it made my heart swell with such complete and utter joy I thought it would split into pieces. There is no sound in the world more amazing than that little giggle. Bouncing you on my knee while I sang ‘Old MacDonald’ suddenly made your whole face change – your eyes lit up and filled with laughter, your tiny mouth widened into a grin and this lovely new sound (somewhere between a gurgle and a chuckle) erupted, as if it had been bubbling inside and spilled over. The laughter was very quickly punctuated by hiccups and the echo of the perfect little sound hung in the air all afternoon.

This was two weeks ago. Every day since you have giggled a little bit more. Now when I sit you on my lap you fix your blue eyes on mine and grin your gorgeous toothless grin, as if in anticipation of the singing/bouncing/nose kissing. You still get hiccups every time, the excitement just too much for you. And now you also throw in a great deal of bubble blowing and drooling, flinging your arms and legs all around for good measure. This week I started lifting you slowly towards me as you sit straddling one leg, your smile growing as you get closer. A kiss on the nose and you’re lowered back down, the whole experience resulting in a wave of your special little giggle sounds and leaving you grinning open mouthed.

You won’t know this yet, Isaac, but your name means laughter. I hope that your life is full to the brim with uncontrollable, belly-aching laughter and that there is always a smile in your eyes.

Isaac and Emma

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  1. Susan Cooksley says: Reply

    Oh Emma this is so beautiful – it made me cry! You have such a gift for words and this Blog is going to be the most wonderful gift to Isaac in years to come.

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment, glad you liked it 🙂

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