Leaf Crafts

Autumn is my favourite time for crafts. As usual, we’ve ended up with piles of leaves and conkers around the house. I love getting inspiration for nature crafts from Pinterest and Instagram, and thought I’d share some of the leaf crafts we’ve enjoyed.

Jam jar lanterns

I recently saw nature jam jar lanterns on Instagram shared by @wild_mountain_child and thought it was a lovely idea. My 4 year old loved the process of painting pva glue onto the jar and then sticking on some pressed leaves and flowers. It looks so pretty when lit up with a tealight.


Leaf Fox

I saw this leaf fox on Pinterest last year and this was one of my favourites from last autumn. Such a simple idea, the kids loved choosing a leaf to be their fox and then gluing on some ears, eyes and a nose.

Waxed leaf mobile

This was by far my favourite leaf craft! Waxed leaves was an activity in the October Mud and Bloom box, which I subscribe to, and it had already been on my list for autumn crafts. We melted beeswax bars in a tin and then dipped the leaves in. When they had hardened, I threaded them together and tied them to a branch to hang by the window.

This month’s box also included leaf threading which my 4 year old loved.


Leaf crowns

We made some leaf crowns last year and the kids wanted to make some more this autumn. This year we used up the last of the waxed leaves from the Mud and Bloom activity as well as some sticks and conker ‘jewels’ (I just used a hot glue gun for this, sticking them onto some card).

Leaf art

Another of our favourite things to do is leaf art. I saw this beautiful leaf dragon on Instagram, shared by Myriad Natural Toys, and knew my dragon-loving son would adore this idea so we tried to recreate it.

We also had fun creating a rainbow with all the colourful leaves on one of our walks.

Sycamore seed dragonfly

We just made this last week after saving the post where I saw this lovely idea months ago on Instagram. It was shared by @earlyyearsoutdoor and I thought it was such a simple and effective craft.

We just painted some sycamore seeds and, once they were dry, hot glued them onto a stick.

What are your favourite autumn crafts? I’d love for you to leave any comments or questions below.

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