Now She’s One

A year now.

Days that have passed in a blink;

like the pages of a book left open in the wind.


I cling to the here-and-now,

before it’s another do-you-remember-when.

Now she is one and he is three.

The nights are long but I know this time is brief

and oh-so-precious,

and I try, in the chaos of every day – amongst mopping spills and wiping food from cheeks –

to stop and take it in

before it flits away,

lost in a blur of weeks.


And we sang and she smiled

and in the celebration my heart ached a little

for those baby days now gone.

Now she’s one.

And with arms outstretched and wobbling

she has stepped towards toddlerdom;

on legs shaky but strong.

With a backward glance she smiles her gummy smile

and waddles away slowly.

A new chapter in our story,

and we move on.


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