Now You’re Two

You’re two.

I look at you and wonder when you changed
and how you grew so much before my eyes.
I didn’t notice the small changes day by day –
it took me by surprise.
Suddenly – overnight, or so it seems – you are a little girl
with a personality so big and a grin so wide.
You are two. (How are you two? You were a babe in arms just yesterday).
Two whole years since I first held you,
two years of not much sleep;
of coffee mugs and dark circles under eyes
of long, long nights when I would weep with tiredness.

And now the baby days have gone,
packed away with swinging chairs,
folded with the sleepsuits small.
This stage has passed.
And, like all the other mums who stand on the edge of this new stage,
I can only wonder:
“How did that go so fast?”.

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