Review: HeyWow Personalised Children’s Book

I am always on the lookout for new and interesting books for the kids and so I was delighted when HeyWow asked me to review one of their lovely personalised seek and find picture books.

You upload a photo of your child and choose an adventure for them to star in – In the City or Fairytale Quest (you can also preorder their new title, Where on Earth?).  With a fairytale-mad 3 year old I chose to put Flora in her own Fairytale Quest.

It was a really simple process of uploading a photo on the HeyWow website and I had fun choosing a hairstyle and outfit for Flora! You can have up to three kids in a book so I also uploaded a photo of Isaac and their cousin.

When the book arrived I gave it to Flora, with Isaac sitting beside her, without telling them what the book was.  Flora’s eyes widened when she saw herself on the cover and she cried, “It’s me on it!” as Isaac read the title out loud to her.

I watched, smiling, as they looked at the book together; Isaac reading and Flora looking for herself on each page.  After a couple of pages they suddenly spotted Isaac and their cousin, to much exclamation.

They looked through it, fixed on finding themselves, and then went back to the beginning.  As well as looking for Flora and the fairytale character, there is something else to spot (i.e. Cinderella’s glass slipper) in the graphics in each fairytale page.  At the back of the book there are also a selection of things to go back and look for.  They have a lot of fun reading it.

It’s a lovely idea and the books have so much detail.  I remember as a child my excitement and amazement when my grandmother gave me a personalised Peter Pan book that starred me, with my name and names of family members throughout the story.  I loved reading this book (I still have it, with its pages falling out).  So I can only imagine the excitement for little ones of having a book that not only has your name on each page but your face there too. I’m sure Flora will treasure this just as I treasure my Peter Pan book.

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This book was kindly gifted but the opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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