Snapshots and Scenes from September

I went on a week-long course at the beginning of September and then crammed in two weeks’ of revision before the exam, which meant that September passed in a bit of blur.  When I wasn’t working or studying and I had some time with the littles, we mainly spent it collecting fruit at Charleton Fruit Farm and collecting conkers and leaves at House of Dun.

Little Red Riding Hood and I spent a lovely morning exploring the woodland at National Trust for Scotland property House of Dun.  It’s one of my favourite places to go for a little woodland walk and we were delighted to find lots of conkers (I have to say, I enjoy collecting conkers as much as the kids).

Another of my favourite places in the Montrose area is Charleton Fruit Farm.  I particularly like visiting at this time of year when you can pick brambles, apples and pears, and there is a huge pile of home-grown pumpkins adorning the shop entrance.

The same friend who made the beautiful red cape for Flora also made these gorgeous fox outfits.  As Isaac is almost getting too big for them now I wanted to take some photos of my little foxes with an autumnal backdrop.  So we headed back to House of Dun one weekend for more conker and leaf finding, and I snapped away happily.

Autumn is definitely my favourite season and I’m looking forward to enjoying the autumn colours this month – and hopefully lots more woodland walks.

September was also the month that Flora dropped her naps, started riding her balance bike and stopped wearing nappies ( I can’t quite believe we’re now nappy-free after almost 5 years).

With all these changes and settling into the rhythm of Isaac at school, it really feels like we’ve begun a new chapter – and stepping into this new stage against a backdrop of change seems kind of apt…

I decided to take part in the new Snapshots and Scenes blog linky which I saw over on the lovely Let’s Talk Mommy blog.

6 Replies to “Snapshots and Scenes from September”

  1. Ahh what a gorgeous video and beautiful photos. Leaf picking looks like so much fun and their outfits are so adorable. Does your friend make and sell these outfits? They’re so cute. I would love a dress like that for my daughter. xx

    1. Thank you so much, Chloe. She doesn’t sell them (I keep telling her she should!), they are just so adorable. Xx

  2. So lovely to have you join in. And what a gorgeous video Emma. And oh my goodness those outfits, they are so blooming cute together. x

    1. Thank you, Kerri-Ann – I love this blog idea xx

  3. Oh I ADORE their matching fox outfits, so sweet x

    1. Thank you! My friend made them, she’s so talented!

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