Snowdrops at Cambo Estate

I first heard about Cambo Estate a few years ago and have long wanted to visit, particularly when I heard about its lovely Snowdrop Festival.  We really enjoyed our first visit this weekend and will definitely be adding it to our ‘must visit again soon’ list.

The Estate

Located just south of Kingsbarns in the idyllic East Neuk of Fife, Cambo Estate has plenty of space for little legs to roam freely.  With a wonderful natural play area, woodland walks, a walled garden (I look forward to exploring this in the spring/summer) and a great cafe/visitor centre, it was a big hit with us all.  (The piglets were one of the highlights for me – oh, the cuteness!).

The Walks

Isaac, who is just learning to read, enjoyed trying to read the signs of the different snowdrop names around the paths near the visitor centre (I never knew there were so many varieties of snowdrop! He was particularly tickled by Grumpy).  There are lots of paths snaking around the estate, and we enjoyed meandering around the snowdrop-covered woodland.  We walked down towards the sea, where the woodland walk meets the Fife Coastal Path.  After a brief explore of Kingsbarns beach, we looped back up another snowdrop-lined path.

The Play Area (Lost Elf Village)

“This is the best park I’ve been to!”, Isaac told me after playing in the Lost Elf Village.  We do love a natural play area, and this was one of the loveliest I’ve seen.  There is a ‘campfire’ in the middle, a little house, a rope bridge, a bug hotel and, in Isaac’s words, “things I can climb on” – they adored this play area.  They happily filled buckets and pots with bark, collected things in wicker baskets and carted things up and down the various steps – completely in their element.  A wonderful space for little imaginations.

There was also a space near the walled garden where the kids could make art with natural materials (shells, stones, pine cones etc).

The Stables Visitor Centre/Cafe

This has recently been redeveloped and it is a great space.  Linking the shop to the cafe is the old stables, where the kids enjoyed sitting on a ‘pony’ and brushing her tail.  Such a lovely touch to have riding hats and brushes for the wee ones.  They also enjoyed the displays and information boards as you first walk into the visitor centre, which amused them whilst we paid (it cost £5.50 per adult to go into the estate, and the kids were free).

We all enjoyed our lunch – the kids had a platter with houmous, cheese, oatcakes, breadsticks and fruit, and some soup.  I also very much enjoyed my coffee and scone that fuelled my morning walk!

All the staff we met were really friendly and helpful, and it was just a lovely place to visit.  I don’t think I’ve ever been surrounded by so many snowdrops before; the sea of these ‘fair maids of February’ made for beautiful woodland adventures.  An ideal place for a family day out.

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  1. Barbara McKenzie says: Reply

    Thank you Emma. I visited Cambo many years ago and remember the pigs! Reading this has made me want to return at snowdrop time.

    1. Thank you for the comment, Barbara, I’m glad you enjoyed reading the post. ?

  2. Right, I want to go! Filmed there once, many years ago, by would like to return with the children.

    1. It’s so lovely, such a great place for kids x

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