The Move

Recently your world has changed –

tipped upside down, then rearranged.

Same room but not.

Same cot but different ceiling overhead.

Same things but in a different space.

Confused, you stared – where is this place?


The house we left was our first home.

You’ll have no memories of the farm next door,

the rolling fields or the quiet lane.

But you’ll hear stories as you grow.

You’ll know that this cottage in the hills and up the track

was where you spent your baby-days;

where you learnt to crawl and walk,

where you napped outside with tractor-noise and bleeting sheep and birdsong sweet.

Where we were a family of three.

Where your laughter flung and stuck to walls,

where you taught me how to be your mum.


And as the contents of the house became a wall of boxes

I packed away the memories that clung like dust to every room.

‘This is where…’ and ‘do you remember when…’s were bubble-wrapped

(the most precious thing to store away).

An empty house but yet so full of you.

Memories tucked under arms, we said goodbye.

You blew a kiss and waved.


And we moved east – up another hill, a quiet street.

‘Mmmmm?’ you asked (‘where are the cows?’).

‘Brmmmm?’ you tried (‘where is the tractor please?’).

‘Aaaahh?’ you wailed (‘are there sheep nearby?’).

I shook my head, and how you cried.

That first night I thought my heart would break.

It took three days before you’d smile.

We knew it would just take a while to adjust,

so many things were different.

And at night, I held you close and whispered in your ear:

Yes, this home is new and it’s all strange –

but we love you.

My dear, my darling, we love you

and that will never, ever change.

5 Replies to “The Move”

  1. We just moved from New York to Pittsburgh. Something about moving with kids is extra challenging.

    1. It definitely is! Moving is stressful anyway but totally agree it adds a whole other element with young children. Hope you’re all settled in your new home. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. What a sweet poem. We’re preparing to sell our place and move with Clark (currently 15 months) to Los Angeles. Not incredibly far for us, but still a huge change for him. If you have any tips to post about moving with a little one, I will read them eagerly!

    1. Thank you so much. My son is 16 months so a similar stage. We just tried to stick to his routine so he wasn’t too unsettled and once we moved we made sure his room was the first to be unpacked and organised. ( A friend looked after him for the first day so it wasn’t too chaotic). He did take a few days to adjust. I just tried to reassure him as much as possible – lots of cuddles! I hope all goes well with your move! 🙂

  3. Anne and I read this when we were at breakfast in Torres de Verduras Emma and were very “moved!” It’s a beautiful piece of writing with such emotion in the words.

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