The Path Ahead

I can see her, round that corner

Standing there,

Waving as he walks away,

Kissing her before she runs off,

Feeling more than a little lost.

The silence in the house is deafening.

She is still getting used to having Time again

Up till now it was in such short supply

Oh, how she’d longed for a little Me Time

And now it feels so strange

To finish a hot cup of tea and read a magazine.

Of course the winds of change must blow

And everything will grow and age

It can’t stand still.

But very soon each new stage starts to feel comfortable

Like worn-in shoes.

And she’s used to working in a quiet house

Without endless knocking on her door.

As she walks from the gates

She makes a mental list of things to do

Before she picks her up from nursery and him from school.

She doesn’t see me.

But she knew me once –

I am her, a year before.

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