The world at 10 months

Your world at ten months old…

Not crawling yet,

nor walking,

but always on the move


Climbing, clambering, over knees,

pulling up onto feet

desperate to be standing now.

Reluctantly try rocking

onto forearms from seated pose

and oh so close!

but not yet there.

(It won’t be long).

Days filled with play and song;

throwing shapes and rolling ball,

stacking cups and banging bricks.

Stringing tales of Old MacDonald and his farm

with ducks and frogs and animal fairs;

a mobile of nursery rhyme

spinning through the day.

Tucked under my arm, reading –

books with flaps, and things to touch,

hungry caterpillars, Peter Rabbit, Pooh.

Turning pages with your little

gasps of delight, or awe,

(I think you might like books

as much as I do).

New noises,


as if you’re playing with sound –

shrieking with delight,

and screams of frustration.

Face screwed up with little frown.

Wrinked nose, kicking legs

and thrown-back head,

mouth tight and face red.

A new stage for us –

a time of ‘no’ and finding

things to make you forget

what you wanted so.

Pointing, clapping, waving

(a ‘royal wave’ it’s often said).

At ten months you are such a little boy,

with fluffy hair and gummy grin.

Stopping people with your smile –

oh, the joy you bring.

2 Replies to “The world at 10 months”

  1. What a gorgeous boy you have! ‘Face screwed up with little frown’ – just lovely xx p.s. we love Peter Rabbit here too

    1. Thank you! His little face seems so expressive at the moment as he discovers different things he can do with his face – it’s adorable (especially his frown with petted lip!). His new thing today was blinking and then laughing every time we did it back xx

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