The World Outside Your Window

Spring had just begun

When they pressed pause and the world stopped.

No school, no clubs, no to-ing and fro-ing.

Instead –

Board games, bike rides, bare feet,

Dandelion and daisy chains.






Not knowing for how long this would go on.

Rainbows on windows

Friends and family on screens

(oh, how we miss you).

Online classroom.

Woodland classroom.

Garden classroom.

Watching tadpoles, caterpillars,

fields and trees changing,

growing, blossoming.

The world outside transforming.

Spring reassuring,

whispering it will be ok,

this is a stage.

And so the days pass.

We bake and walk in the woods

and make garden dens with bedsheets tied to chairs

That come loose and flap in the breeze,

Like a boat about to set sail.

But we are moored here,

Safe in our harbour,

And here we stay, cocooned together

Until the day it all subsides.

This is a time unlike any we have known

And your little worlds are so very changed

But there is so much love in these four walls

And that will always be the same.

And in the world outside your window,

Love blossoms like the spring.

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