Where I’ve been…

There was a post on our stay at the fabulous, family-orientated Crieff Hydro. There was a half-finished piece on lovely Lunan Bay in Angus. There was another on Easter egg hunting at Crathes Castle just outside Banchory. Since the last post here in February, there have been a number of draft posts that I simply didn’t get round to finishing and photos uploaded but never shared. This is the reason why.

Iphone June and July 15 506

Since I last wrote in my oh-so-neglected blog, I moved house and had a baby. At the end of April I gave birth to our daughter, Flora Harriet. She arrived eight days early, only five days after we moved to Laurencekirk. Having ping-ponged around Aberdeenshire since last February, we are finally settled in a house, and town, we love. We had finished most of the unpacking by the time Flora made her entrance into the world and my days ever since have been spent feeding, sleeping and trying to manage the balancing act of having a baby and a toddler. It has been hard but I was lucky enough to have a lot of help from family in the first two months and I feel like I’m just beginning to come out of the haze of those very sleep-deprived early days.

Days are still up and down but I hope to be able to resume blogging and perhaps finally get round to finishing those half-written posts. As we have just returned from our first family holiday – a week in Findhorn on the Moray Coast with family and four days in Gairloch – my next post will be all about our experience of staying in a campsite with a baby. (Yes, really).

But for now, a hungry baby calls…

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  1. Many congratulations, Emma! That’s a beautiful photo. I remember the time well – enjoy every second!

    1. Thank you Jo! Trying to make the most of it as I know it passes in the blink of an eye 🙂

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