World Book Day: The BFG Costume

DIY BFG Costume

For World Book Day 2018, Isaac decided he wanted to dress up as The BFG.  We had just finished reading the book and Isaac had adored it; I’ve not heard him laugh at a book as much as he did when listening to the BFG.  We found some green trousers, a white school polo-shirt and a waistcoat for the clothes, so all we had to do was make the BFG ears, trumpet and dream jars.  All I bought was felt and gold paint, the rest we put together from things lying around the house.

The Ears

As always, when it comes to craft or costume ideas, I turn to Pinterest.  I searched ‘BFG DIY ears’ and one of the first pins I came across was by Hobbycraft, which linked to their blog post on How to Make BFG Ears.  I showed Isaac and he hooted with laughter, excited at the prospect of big, flappy felt ears.  We already had a wire headband in a drawer (from when my sister got married and I had thoughts of making a flower girl headband for Flora), so I only had to buy the felt.   It didn’t take very long to put them together (follow the blog link above for step by step instructions); i just drew an ear shape on the folded felt, cut them out – and the inner ear pieces – and glued it together with a hot glue gun instead of felt glue.

The Trumpet

I can’t take any credit for the trumpet (other than the fact I glued and painted it); it was my husband’s idea.  He had the brilliant notion to glue a party hat onto a cardboard tube.  It was so easy to do and, as with many simple ideas, it was really effective.  I ordered some gold acryllic paint online and after hot gluing the hat to the tube (the hot glue gun is my best friend), I painted it all.

The Suitcase

The case used to hold a ceramic tea set, and has a see-through section which we thought would make it ideal for displaying Isaac’s dream jars.  I found some brown paper and just stuck it all over the case.  Voila!

The Dream Jars

Again, I searched Pinterest for ideas.  I did make some water, paint, glitter and cotton wool jars, following this Hobbycraft blog post on how to make a BFG dream jar, but after seeing some pins which used glowsticks inside glass jars, I decided to try putting some battery-powered lights inside.  Isaac then helped me to glue tissue paper around the old jam jars and they glowed wonderfully when we switched on the lights inside.

And there you have it!  One happy BFG.  And then, of course, we had to try to transform Flora into Sophie so she wasn’t left out (a pair of black glasses and a blanket, in case you’re wondering!).

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  1. Aw what fab team work making Isaac’s costume. I love his ears and suitcase of dreams. I turned to Pinterest last year for our bfg costume and Euan’s paper plate ears won him a prize!

    1. Thank you! Paper plate ears – such a great idea!

  2. Charmaine Tanti says: Reply

    Lovely costume! We copied some of your ideas for world book day 2021 🙂 Thank you!

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